Graphic tagline: Disable the stairs, disable the stares, disable the barriers.

Disable the Barriers exists to propel disability rights to the forefront of society while providing tools to those fighting to remove the physical, psychological, cultural, political, and educational barriers that prevent progress.


Video of the Disable the Barriers co-creation workshop.

[...] I am really proud of what your team has come up with. It’s really damn good and a bit badass, which is what I had dreamed of... Don’t be afraid to be totally badass. Don’t be afraid to be a pain in the ass. Your stuff is more special than special needs.
— Liz Jackson, Founder, The Disabled List
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Disable the Shame

We are challenging ableist language to create opportunities for progressive discourse using posters that highlight and showcase the true meaning of words like perfect, standard and normal.

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Disable the Fear

We are working to remove the stigma of being disabled by confronting our fears of mortality and the loss independence by inspiring action and engagement. 

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Disable the Obstacles

We will advocate designing "with" instead of "for" people with disabilities by working to disable barriers that prevent people from accessing spaces and using products.

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85% of the people with disabilities are not born with their impairments, they acquire them by living in the world.


By 2050, there will be roughly 6.25 billion urban dwellers, 15% of which will be living with a disability.


In the United States, 64% of disabled people, between the ages of 18 - 64, are unemployed.


Disable the Barriers is an unaffiliated global collective that aims to provide tools in support of people and organizations fighting for disability rights.

Disable the Barriers is the work of a group of graduate students from School of Visual Arts’ Masters in Branding, collaborating with members of the disability community, under the advice of writer and disability rights activist Kenny Fries.


Get Involved

We can’t Disable the Barriers on our own. If you are interested in getting involved, please take any of the actions below to help us move towards a more inclusive society.


Download the Toolkit

Click here to download an online toolkit to begin Disabling the Barriers in your community.

Support Our Friends and Allies

If you are an artist, maker or policy changer looking to Disable the Barriers, please reach out to our friends and allies.

Answer the Question

In what ways do you think the world should improve before you become disabled?


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If you are interested to learn more about Disable the Barriers, if you want to be featured on our "Friends" page, or if you want to contribute in any way to this platform, kindly write us a message. 

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