What is Disable the Barriers?

Disable the Barriers is an unaffiliated global collective that aims to provide tools in support of people and organizations fighting for disability rights.

We are not a social movement, but rather support an ongoing social movement. We seek to partner with, inspire, and provide tools to active organizations in the continuous fight for disability rights.  

Ultimately, Disable the Barriers is an open-source toolbox for people and organizations that are fighting to remove physical, psychological, cultural, political, and educational barriers that prevent the progress of our society.

Our Team

Disable the Barriers is the work of a group of graduate students from School of Visual Arts’ Masters in Branding, collaborating with members of the disability community, under the advice of writer and disability rights activist Kenny Fries.

Advisors & TA's

Special Thanks To:


Amy Meisner-Threet
Andraea LaVant
Andreea Nitoi
Caryn Leonard-Wilde
Dadu Shin
Dan Stokes
Dani Danor
Danny Ableson
Emily Weiland
Eugenia Schwartz
Felipe Orellana
Francisca Mardones
Heidi Latsky

Howard Brin
John Meguerian
Katie Scott
KK Graham
Leslie Freeman-Taub
Liz Jackson
Megan Anderson
Mike Mitchell
Peter Trojic
Pierre Issa

Ruby Moigula
Sasha Ross Becker
Shannon Finnegan